Puget Sound Borzoi Club


The Puget Sound Borzoi Club (PSBC) is located in the Puget Sound region of Washington State.

The purpose of the PSBC is to encourage responsible Borzoi ownership, breeding, health and welfare through club meetings, conformation shows, obedience, coursing and community events. See our Events Page for a list of club activities in and around our region.


The Puget Sound Borzoi Club became a reality in December 1968, with the founding members consisting of Hal & Phyllis Brettell, Walt Carlson, Larry Clement, Ross Graham and Tom & Janet Kranjcevich. The club held its first Independent Specialty in August 1977, with Best Of Breed going to Am Can Ch Comanche Of Phantom Lake. The first Specialty Lure Trial was held in August 1979, with Best Of Breed being won by Czarchek Shodan Phantom Lake.

--The preceding history was authored by former PSBC Member, Lita Bond.

Breed Information:

The best resource for Borzoi breed information can be found on the Borzoi Club of America website.